The founder – Raphael Celier


Designer and creator of Xenon series gyrocopters


Product development, engineering team


Design and R&D based company without production capacity


The Xenon is granted German flight certification

Who Are We


Gyroplanes' manufacturing


French Design developed and Manufactured in Europe








Raphael Celier is the designer of the Xenon family of gyrocopters

Celier Aviation is the owner of the licence, know-how and the copyright of Xenon family

Xenon family is the top of the line class of gyrocopter being developed in different versions


There are ca. 200 Xenons flying in the world (all continents)

Celier Aviation team consist of the R&D, Production, Design and Business Development experts


The main aim is to manufacture best in class gyrocopter with the wold wide distribution and sales

Celier Aviation cooperates in the production consortium with 2 other entities, where components manufacturing and the assembly lines are placed

The Consortium Based Cooperation

Celier Aviation


Celier Aviation

R&D, Sales


Parts / assembly




The Leader Of The Consortium

MBL Poland

Nobile Group / NBL Kompozyty

Scope of production

The MBL Group is a family owned company established in Denmark in 1988. Today, it is the leading supplier of standard products and customer specified solutions for the rehabilitation and production industry. They have

more than 1,300 employees and we occupy 40.000m2 of production facilities in Poland and China.

The products are tested in accordance to the relevant international standards ISO7176 to ensure they meet

quality and durability requirements. MBL is ISO 9001 certified.

MBL Poland Ltd. is a manufacturing company, specializing in technologies of metal processing and assembly. Its facilities are located in Poland and constitute over 25.000 sq. m of production buildings, where main technologies as - precise CNC machining, automated welding, bending, laser cutting, powder coating, specialized assembly, process machining - are located.

The company has a workforce of over 400 people and the yearly turnover of ca. 20 mil. EUR.

Scope of production

NBL KOMPOZYTY has been a manufacturer of cabins, control panels, engine covers, and other elements of

bodies for special vehicles. Company is experienced in production of fiberglass , carbon and stealframe cabins. Main activities are located in short and medium serial production based on RTM-light , hand lay out , vacuum and pressed in pressure molds technologies.

NBL KOMPOZYTY employ 30 people . Many of them are experienced engineers in aerospace industry and automotive, constructors and the specialists in the field of manufacture based on polyester or epoxy resins.

Nobile is also a manufacturer of cabs, body parts and composite constructions for special vehicles. The company is specialised in design and production of products made with the hand-laminating process, RTMlight

method, vacuum and compression moulding in hi pressure forms.

Share of the responsibilities

The production of gyrocopters is carried by the consortium of 3 companies

Celier Aviation is the leader of the enterprize with know-how, technology, R&D, prototyping and

the commercial reponsibilities

MBL and Nobile/NBL facilitate the manufacturing and assembly processes

Celier AVIATION Sp. z o.o

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Celier AVIATION Malta Ltd

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Reg: C67634  VAT: MT22181829


Celier AVIATION Germany GmbH

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