Celier Aviation proudly declares that today April 16th, 2015, it has finally obtained the German Certification for its Xenon 4 from the DAeC of Germany. This means Celier Aviation has passed all the tests for certification as layed down in the German Aviation Standards known as the B.U.T. Standards. The Xenon is now officially certified as a 560 kg MTOW gyroplane by one of the rigidest testing regimes in Europe.


The going was tough and full of unknown challenges but the Celier Aviation team has weathered it all. The fun was not in the successful arrival at this destination but the eventful journey itself.

The Xenon 4 project took off in the humble offices at Biskupice where Raphael Celier and the team of engineers redesigned totally the machine with background achievements of the Xenon 1, 2 and 3 but with a projection of meeting new standards of the B.U.T. and obviously the most important of all, the increase of performance to meet the 560 kg MTOW.

The cabin was manufactured with digital perfection thanks to new technologies available. All calculations were made to ensure that the highest standards of safety were achieved. The previous generations of Xenon have probably the world’s best safety record and this generation had to be better.

All metal parts were manufactured at MBL Ltd located in Piotrkow Trybunalski where Celier Aviation relocated and consolidated in summer of 2013. MBL is an accredited ISO 9001 company. All critical parts are verified for precision by inhouse and independent laboratories in accordance to rules set by the B.U.T.


The Xenon 4 was assembled by experienced hands and written protocols that have taken Celier Aviation to levels of Industry as it has became a multinational in 2014 with companies in Poland, Germany and Malta and exclusive distributors in Canada, USA, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Nigeria, Angola, France, UAE, Iraq, Mongolia and China.


The engineering team worked for endless hours preparing all the scientific calculations and technical drawings hand in hand with the German Inspector’s guidance so as to achieve all the requirements of the B.U.T.


Then came the Physical Tests of loading the machine with weight in order to achieve the required multiple of gravity forces simulating hard landings and flight through turbulence. This was done under the watchful eyes of a German Inspector who witnessed all the tests required by the German Authorities.

The engine was tested on the ground to ensure that all parameters were obtained before the test flights could be carried out. A special engine test bench was designed to study the performance of the 912 ULS-T (Turbo system). This was sent to the Official Rotax Importer of Poland and results were given under their auspices.

The rigorous certification regime continued by multiple test flights in different flight configurations. In total more than 50 hours of  flight were recorded. All parameters noted, submitted to the DAeC and introduced in all the publications of the new flight manuals.

The final stages of the certification involved the noise test. We had to do this test for two times once in Germany and one time in Poland. The DAeC Inspector Michael Batz performed this test personally. Once we passed we had another thick in the box towards success.


Last but not least we had to submit all the relevant papework to the DAeC. In total we have as many papers as needed for a certifying a Boeing or Airbus.


The success was achieved on  16 April 2015.


Looking back, it has been 30 months of hard work for everyone, from the drawing board to full certification.  We are now proud owners of this certification and if we are to start again on any other model, we feel compitent and ready to go through this process with enthusiasm.

Throughout the process Celier Aviation has industrialized all the processes in order to keep up with the ever growing demands from all around the globe.


We thank all our distributors and all the brothers of the Circle of Loyalty that believed in us in 2011.


As one great man once said:




“Ladies and Gentleman, we got it!” The German Certification is in our hands!





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